Thursday, July 17, 2014

DIY 3 Minute Beaded Bracelet Tutorial

I have been really loving the look of stacked, beaded bracelets lately. I love mixing colors and textures. The problem is that I don't love spending a ton of money on things like that right now, especially since I am not working. So, I waited until Hobby Lobby had a 50% off sale on beads and stocked up. 
I love beads!
After a few attempts, I think I figured it out. I am, by no means, an expert but this is the method that worked for me. I welcome any suggestions or feedback!

1. Lay out the beads in order of how you would like your bracelet to look. 
I don't have one of those fancy boards to lay the beads out. My high-tech improvisation was to use the lid of a plastic box that holds my supplies. 
2. I use elastic thread on these bracelets because it allows for stretching and is much easier than using wire with clasps! I use a big paper clip to hold one end of the elastic. I then thread a sewing needle (don't be misled, I don't sew and have no clue what size needle I used...I just kept trying until I found one that the elastic would fit in the eye of the needle) with the other end of the elastic and tie one knot.

3. Thread the beads onto your elastic. I don't really love the color combinations of this bracelet but I am making it for a teacher friend in her school colors. I am pretty sure she won't like it either so I may need to go get more beads!
Again, don't you love my fancy tray?
4. Make sure your bracelet is long enough by holding it against your wrist, add more beads if you need to. Now all you do is simply tie the ends together and knot 3-4 times. Sometimes I use a dab of bead glue on the knot for extra security. I have no clue if it helps or not but I have not had a bracelet break yet and have only used the glue on about half of them. 

5. After the glue dries, snip the ends and you are done! This seriously takes like 3 minutes to make. I like stacking them so I will probably make my friend a few more to mix and match (and make this one not look so ugly!).
My collection of bracelets I have made this week. I have a bead problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions of where to buy beads? I like blingy ones and Hobby Lobby didn't have that great of a selection!

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