Monday, July 28, 2014

Catching up....

Last week, I took the kids to stay at my in-law's so Gracie could attend a day camp close by. For anyone in the area, I would definitely recommend this camp. It was Gracie's second year to attend and she brought a friend with her this time. Each day had a different theme and the kids really loved dressing up. But, total mom fail...I waited until the last minute to check what the themes were and one was "dress as your favorite animated character day". Below you will find my last minute Walmart attempt at a Minnie Mouse costume. 
My mom sucks at planning ahead. 
Unfortunately, camp ended a day early for Gracie and her friend. The camp nurse called and informed me that one of them had lice and would not be allowed to come back the following day, even with treatment. Picking nits out of a kid's hair for 1.5 hours was not how I imagined spending my last night in San Antonio! 

Thanks to the lice, we made it home early enough for Gracie to play in her softball game on Friday!

Dylan got to spend some quality time with my in-laws and one day I took him to this water park. He really has learned to swim quite well this summer so I thought he would enjoy it. The first ride I took him on was a big slide that you go down on a tube. 20 seconds into the ride, he fell out of his tube and was hysterically crying.
Aubarn Waterpark
This is pretty much what happened.
The lifeguard ended up helping him off of the ride at a place that wasn't even a stopping point. I was right behind him so I had to get off too. We pretty much spent the rest of the day in the baby/kiddie park with my sister and 2 year old nephew. So, it was a total good use of the $130 I spent on tickets and lunch....I may just need to wait another year or so before he is ready. 

We are now back home and rested after camp and Gracie's softball tournament this weekend. Dylan started football camp today too so I will have a sports update and pictures tomorrow.

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