Tuesday, July 15, 2014

An Introduction to my Garden

Over the last year, I have really been trying to grow more of our own vegetables. I only use organic methods to grow and while I promise to not get to get on my soap box about organic produce, I do think it is a better option for my family if possible.

I started with one garden box made from a free pallet that I found. Thanks to my handy husband, I now have a few more. I am really learning as I go but realized pretty quickly that I needed a fence to keep my dog out (he killed an entire crop of carrots, twice!). My plan was to get the fencing materials while my husband was at work so we could put it up after he got home. Once I got home, I realized it wasn't really that hard of a project (except for the 100 degree temperatures in South Texas) and I am quite proud of myself for actually doing this on my own. 

Notice that I cropped out the gate? It currently consists of a piece of wire holding the fence together, waiting on the husband to build me a real gate.
This spring, I had really great luck with peppers and cucumbers. I actually had so many cucumbers, that I was running out of ideas of what to do with them. We canned dill pickled cucumbers, bread & butter cucumbers, dill relish, spicy cucumbers, and any other variation we could get our hands on. I am really tired of freaking cucumbers and not sure if I will plant them again in the fall. 

I was picking this many every few days or so.

The Texas heat has pretty much done the garden in for July, although I do have basil and salad mix still growing. A few cucumbers are still hanging on but killed my tomato plants. I do plan on cleaning most of it out in the next few weeks to get ready for fall planting.
My wilted cucumber plants that smothered the tomatoes.
I started some pumpkins recently that I am hoping will grow along the newly installed fence. I made the mistake last year of planting them without a fence and they ended up eating half of my backyard. They seem to be doing okay so far, even with the heat. I am hoping we get some good carving pumpkins!

Finally, I have added a grow light to my list of tools. I am starting seedlings indoors this year. I don't have a place inside the house with good natural light so a light is essential. I ordered it on Amazon for really cheap (even cheaper because I had a $25 gift card) and so far, it works pretty well.

I promise I am only growing vegetables here. 
By no means am I an expert and honestly, have very little clue as to what I am doing. Google has become my gardening best friend and I feel very fortunate when things actually grow and produce!

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